She Uses Just One Ingredient For 10 Minutes Once A Month And Her Couch Will Never Be This Dirty Again!


This is such a great hack for those ugly stains on the couch! And with just a little upkeep, your couch will stay looking brand new!


Couches tend to get stained, especially if you have kids, pets, or are just plain messy! And stains aren’t a big deal…until you forget about one or two and they get ground into the fabric of the couch. That’s when they can become a real eyesore.

Herbs and Oils Remedies came up with this amazing cleaning hack to restore your stained microfiber couch back to its former glory!

All you need is rubbing alcohol of any variety, a white sponge, a white bristle brush, and a spray bottle.

Herbs and Oils Remedies

Pour some of the rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle and spray the stained area. Saturate it, but don’t drench it. Rubbing alcohol evaporates faster than regular water, so it won’t leave a water mark, but it is still a liquid so you don’t want to drown your couch!

Use the sponge to rub out the dirt and various stains. A white sponge will ensure there is no color transfer onto the couch.

If the sponge is getting dirty, swap it for a new one to avoid rubbing old dirt onto clean areas.

Let the couch dry. The sprayed areas will look darker than the rest of the couch and will even be hard to the touch. But that’s what the bristle brush is for!

Again, a white bristle brush will prevent accidental color transfer. When the couch is completely dry, use the bristle brush to re-fluff the cleaned areas with a swirling motion.

This cleaning hack works great for microfiber of all different colors, although it’s untested on fabrics of other materials.

The initial cleaning will take the longest as you get rid of the set-in stains. But after that, monthly spot checks will take up to 10 minutes, max! See more details here.

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