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She Wrote On The Old Window Screen With Sharpie To Make A Decorative Sign For The Home


With a little bit of paint and a sharpie, she turned the window screen into the cutest decorative sign!


Everything from dresser drawers to lampshades can be repurposed into something new and exciting.

There’s always a way to bring new life to something old, even a window screen.

Patricia Kocsis from The Black Sheep Shoppe figured out a way to use her old window screen as a piece of home decor, and it is genius!

She turned the old thing into a rustic, decorative sign that anyone would want in their home.

“This is a fun and easy project that can be customized for a variety of purposes,” Patricia wrote on her blog post about the project.

To make the transformation, the first thing she did was clean the screen with soap and water to get off all the dirt.


Then, she applied two coats of shellac to the frame of the screen as a base coat for her paint.

One that had dried, Patricia painted the frame with grey followed by a glaze and damp paper towel to give it an aged look.

“I sanded the frame to give it a worn and rustic feel and sealed it with a soft clear wax,” she wrote.

Patricia didn’t leave the screen as is either, though.

She lightened the color from black to grey using the same paint as the frame.

“I kept the brush strokes random since I was planning for the finished project to look rustic,” she wrote on her post.

She also went over the screen with a brown glaze, which made the screen almost look like burlap.

Then, it was time to add the stenciled words to the screen.


Patricia traced the outline of the letters onto the screen and then carefully filled them all in with Sharpie.

When the words were finished, so was the new sign. The result is stunning, and it’s such a fun, custom project that you can create to fit with the decor of any space.


Find more details about the project here.

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