The Miniature Fairy Houses In Her Garden Only Look Like Weeks Of Complicated Work. But She Has A Clever Method Of Keeping The Stones Together


She makes the prettiest little fairy houses for her yard, and this is the easy way she does it!


The arrival of spring may happen early or late in the year. But either way, now is the perfect time to start planning and prepping for being outdoors way more often.

Whether you use your garden for growing edible fruits and veggies, or if you keep it clean with just a simple lawn and a few choice flowers, every yard can use just a dash of magical whimsy in the form of a beautiful stone fairy house.

Marthe of The Fairy Garden has always loved the little stone homes. They remind her of her home along Lake Erie in Canada. The inviting homes always look so complicated to make however, so when she finally devised this easy way of building her own fairy home, she was delighted!

First, Marthe gathers buckets of beach pebbles. You can also use crushed stone that’s used for gravel roads and driveways.

At home, Marthe uses a plastic berry box to sift through some of the smaller stones. She simple dumps handfuls of the pebbles into the box and gives it a little shake, letting the small stones fall out of the holes.

She also removes ones that are bigger than ¼”. Then she puts them in a mesh laundry bag and gives it a good shaking outside to remove any sand and loose dirt.

Marthe uses wood glue for this project. Squeeze some inside a Ziploc bag and spread it around until it makes a square about 4x4”. Then drop some stones into the bag, covering up the glue. Pat them down, and do a little adjusting if needed.

Crushed stone may take a little more work, and tweezers can help place tiny stones to fill in the small spaces. Make several of these squares and wait about an hour and a half.

The Fairy Garden

The glue will adhere the stones to each other much faster than it will dry the stones to the soft plastic of the bag. Try lifting a stone by the corner. If it lifts off the plastic without separating from the other stones, it is ready.

For the fairy house, Marthe used a plastic juice bottle and plastic salad bowl. Take the stone squares and apply them to the house form.

The Fairy Garden

Make sure to cut out any windows and doors before applying the stones. The wood glue should still be pliable enough to adhere to the curve of a bottle.

Marthe finished up applying bigger stones to the roof, and added a couple coats of varnish to help it weather the outdoors. With bits of artificial moss, the home looks inviting to anyone who might pass by!

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The Fairy Garden

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