They Raised The Roof Of This 1993 School Bus And Converted It To Something Incredible


This old schoolbus from 1993 has become an incredible living space after their hard work!


This is a 1993 Ford B700 BlueBird school bus from the Boerne School District in Texas. Reddit user Ashandrik bought the bus with the intention of converting it into a home that will fit up to seven people at once!

First, he and his wife removed the interior, including the seats (and the chewed-up gum left behind by schoolkids!), thick rubber flooring, and the emergency escape hatches. Then they got rid of the wall and ceiling panels, which removed about 1300 rivets!


They removed the 23-year-old fiberglass insulation, and began work on raising the roof. They were careful to cut the window ribs in different places, “to prevent having a single weak plane in the event of a rollover.”


Of course, that meant the rear door was about 16 inches too short. And because the bus featured a slight inwards angle, like many other buses, Ashrandik had to make sure to split the door exactly right, before adding the welded sheet metal.

After adding a door latch and weather stripping to the back door, it was time for the windows! Instead of spending $1200 for replacement RV-style windows, they reused the original windows by building spacers to make sure they fit. 8 of the 24 windows were completely covered because they will be covered by other necessities like the closet or fridge.

The astonishing part is that all that work only took 3 weeks! However, the rest of the work on the bus took a few months because of the constant spring rain and having to shuttle to a metalworking site half an hour away.

They rebuilt the rear end with more sheet metal, and then moved up to the front of the bus. The driver’s section was now much lower than the rest of the raised roof, but it was too risky to raise it because of the big glass window.

So after some trial-and-error, they made a sloping roof, and moved onto the paint job.


After installing insulation suited for summers in Texas and winters in Pennsylvania, they installed all the necessary components to living in this converted school bus.


Their maiden voyage was a 1400-mile drive to Pennsylvania, and they were able to live in the bus for a full month! There are still some minor kinks involving the wiring of the bus and other mechanical problems, but they’ve already proven that this conversion was a success.

Get more details about this incredible project here.

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