This Chic Wood Sign Will Let Your Christmas Guests Know They’ve Arrived At The Right House!


She loves picking up sticks when she walks around the park with her kids. Now she’s got a great Christmas project to use up those sticks!


Cold weather means all of nature is in hibernation. Leaves have long since fallen off the trees and been crunched underneath our feet. The seasonal change also means the branches and twigs are brittle and easy to snap off.

There’s probably already tons of sticks littering your lawn or neighborhood park. Your kids or dogs probably pick up a few of them and bring them back to you!

Erica at Spoonful of Imagination can’t help but to pick up handfuls of these sticks when she’s out walking with her kids. So she’s come up with a clever way to use them to make a joyful Christmas sign!

She started with a piece of Purebond wood from Home Depot that she had left over from another project. She sanded it down and then sprayed it with spray paint. Erica chose Eden from Rust-oleum.

She also rounded the corners with sandpaper. Then Erica made a big mistake that actually turned out to look pretty cool!

After the spray paint, Erica stained the wood. Unfortunately, stain eats away at spray paint—a lesson she learned the hard way!

Erica wrote, “Using stain over spray paint causes the spray paint to start disappearing and makes the stain hard to wipe off as it gets sticky.”

She finished staining the board to keep it all uniform, and then wiped off as much as she could. In the end, the staining mistake actually gave the board a cool worn-out look!

Spoonful of Imagination

Next, she gathered her piles of sticks and arranged them into a Christmas tree-like shape. She arranged them off the board first so she could swap them around until she was sure of the placement.

Then Erica transferred the tree onto her board, one stick at a time, securing them with hot glue.

At the bottom of the tree, she added a vertical stick for the tree trunk.

After that layer dried, she took more sticks and used them to fill in gaps and holes in the tree. This also made the tree more dimensional and full, giving it a cool, funky feel.

Spoonful of Imagination

Erica finished it off with a yellow wooden star at the top and then used stencils to paint JOY at the top of the board.

This sign will look beautiful in the entryway of your home, or just outside the front door so that all your Christmas guests know they’ve arrived at the correct home!

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Spoonful of Imagination

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