Tired Of Traditional Wall Calendars, She Turns A Spare Box Into A Stylish Ombré Desk Calendar


This tiny calendar is just what her desk needed! So beautiful and compact, make yours today!


Another year, another calendar! Although the stock images of cuddly baby animals and scenic destinations around the world are lovely, the images can sometimes get a little stale. Rather than purchase another wall calendar that will be thrown away in 12 months, this ombré desk calendar is a beautiful alternative!

Anna at Annabode and Co. made her own chic desk calendar and it’s so beautiful you’ll actually look forward to changing the date every day!

First, Anna measured the interior of her box and then cut out a corresponding piece of pretty patterned paper. She chose simple black and white stripes, which create the perfect complementary background for the watercolor ombré that will come later.

Use Mod Podge to attach the patterned paper, and a credit card to smooth out any bubbles.

Now get some watercolor paints, a small dish of water, and 13 gift tags. You can choose any different combination of colors, or just one color if you prefer!

Dip the paintbrush into water and wet the first color. Load with a good amount of pigment and make a large stripe across the bottom of one of the white gift tags. Rinse the brush, wipe lightly, and swipe another stripe above the first stripe, using only water. Feel free to practice elsewhere before grabbing a gift tag.

Repeat these steps until you’re halfway up the gift tag. The color will be darkest at the bottom and will lighten as it approaches the top.

Paint all 13 of the gift tags, and let them dry. Then, repeat on the backsides of the gift tags. The paper may start to curl, but painting both sides will help straighten them out.

Annabode and Co.

Divide the tags into three piles of 6, 2, and 5.

The first pile will be the months. Use gold rub-on letters and tag the 6 tags front and back with Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, and Nov/Dec.

The second pile of 2 will be the first digit of the date. Apply the gold numbers front and back with 0/1, and 2/3.

The third pile will be the second digit of the date. These tags will be marked 0/1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, and 8/9.

Place three of the tags into the box and use them to mark where the C hooks will go in the ‘ceiling’ of the box. Screw in the hooks about ½” from the front edge.

Annabode and Co.

Place the tags onto the hooks, and trim the tops if they don’t quite fit.

Enjoy your new gorgeous calendar! See more here.

Annabode and Co.

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