Update: Investigators To Search Home Of Young Mom Who Vanished With Boyfriend And Baby 35 Years Ago


Investigators have announced that they will be searching the New Hampshire home that missing mom Denise Beaudin once lived in with her boyfriend and infant daughter. Keep reading for more details!


Police in New Hampshire have announced that they will be searching the home of a young mother who vanished more than 35 years ago.

Late last year, authorities revealed that they had launched an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Denise Beaudin, who hasn’t been seen since Thanksgiving in 1981.

At the time of her disappearance, Beaudin’s did not think the 23-year-old was missing—in fact, they weren’t sure she actually wanted to be found.

According to WMUR, Beaudin and her partner, Robert “Bob” Evans, had been going through tough times financially and the family assumed they were trying to escape their money troubles.

So, Beaudin was not reported missing by her family when she, Evans, and their baby daughter Dawn disappeared from their home in 1981.

"It was a different time, you had no cellphones, no social media, so it was different," said Jeffery Strelzin, senior assistant attorney general and chief of the homicide unit.

The case wasn’t reopened until “years later,” investigators said, when they tracked down Beaudin’s adult daughter and stumbled upon newinformation about the young woman’s disappearance all those years ago.

"We know where she is, we've identified her, she's alive and well," Strelzin said of the daughter. "She doesn't want her identity released at this time, but she's OK."

Perhaps the most bizarre part of this case is that both Evans and his daughter have been found alive. Beaudin is the only member of the missing family that authorities cannot seem to find.

Although authorities have not revealed much about Evans’ whereabouts over the last 35 years, they have announced that they will be searching the home where Beaudin once lived.

“That's just generally what we are looking for right now, just anything that might be related to her disappearance. The home has never been searched by law enforcement so this is our first time in there,” said Strelzin.

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