When Her Bathroom Gets Foggy After A Shower, She Knows Exactly Why And What To Do About It


You’ll never have to wipe down the mirror after a quick shower again, once you follow these super simple steps!


The bathroom can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, thanks to all that water that’s in the toilet, sink, and shower!

And for those who regularly take showers, AKA nearly everyone, the mirror can get fogged up and the walls will become moist to the touch. But it shouldn’t be like this after just one shower!

Jessi at Practically Functional noticed that her bathroom mirror was totally fogged up after her shower—and she knew exactly why.

The bathroom exhaust fan wasn’t working properly! The fan’s sole job is to keep moisture from clinging to all surfaces of the bathroom, and when it’s not at full capacity, that can mean a lot of extra water for germs and mold to cling on to.

But just like everything else, the exhaust fan can get dirty. And when it’s dirty, it doesn’t remove excess moisture and odors from the air as well as it should.

This is the quick way to clean the exhaust fan and have a happier bathroom!

Keep a screwdriver handy just in case your exhaust fan is bolted down.

First, vacuum up any visible dirt and dust from the outside of the fan so that it doesn’t drop all over your head and bathroom floor when it is removed from the ceiling.

Most exhaust fans are held in place by small metal clips on either side. Gently pull the fan screen down toward you; the metal clips will only allow them to drop down a few inches.

Find the metal clips on either side of the cover, and pinch them together to allow the fan to come out completely.

Jessi then rinsed off the cover in her sink to remove the loose dirt. If you’re worried about clogging up the pipes, simply use a cleaning brush to brush the loose dirt into a trash can.

Practically Functional

Clean the screen thoroughly with the brush and warm soapy water. As it dries, take the extension on your vacuum and very carefully vacuum up the dust inside the motor housing and interior parts of the fan.

But be careful as there are live wires in there! For extra safety, you can also turn off the power in your breaker box before doing this step.

When it’s all clean, put everything back together, and notice the massive difference in your bathroom! Jessi and her husband can now take back-to-back showers, and still there’s no fog on the mirrors because the fan is working properly!

Read Jessi’s post here.

Practically Functional

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