When She Said She Wanted A Plank Wall In The Entryway, Her Husband Shook His Head. But She Did It With Just $50 And Some Hard Work


This new plank wall gives her home a fresh start--and she did it herself!


The front entryway was perfectly nice, but after a spur of the moment idea popped into her head, it looks so fresh and trendy!

Katie at Little House of Four gets full reign of the decorating in her house. But when she told her husband that she wanted to plank the wall in the front entryway, he was a little daunted by the idea! Katie already had a few projects going on, and he thought it would be a much bigger task than she was describing.

But Katie definitely showed him! She thought of the idea on a Friday night and “by Saturday morning I was putting planks up on the wall!”

The best part is that it only cost $50 for the plank wood! While Katie painted the wall white, her husband went to Lowe’s and bought three sheets of ¼” plywood. The employee cut the wood into 6 inch pieces, though they do NOT guarantee that the cuts are even.

Katie was lucky and only ended up with a few incorrect boards, so she set those aside.

They sanded the boards to smooth down the rough edges, and marked all the studs on the wall.

Katie started at the top of the wall, leveling each board. She cautions against using the ceiling as a guide because it might not be level.

She nailed in the first board and used nickels as spacers between the board. “After my first board was level and in place, the rest of the boards went up fairly quickly,” she wrote.

Little House of Four

The spaces between each board varied slightly because of the cuts.

For the electrical outlet, Katie used a drill and skill saw to cut around the outlet.

Little House of Four

To fill in the holes left by the nails, Katie used wood putty and caulking where the boards met the crown and base molding.

She painted the whole plank wall in white, using a credit card to remove paint drips between the boards.

Afterward, Katie nailed a trim piece to the edge of the wall. With a sleek black mirror and dark door, the entryway looks completely new!

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Little House of Four

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