Wrap Some Rope Around An Old Tire To Make A Summery Ottoman That Works All Year Round


This DIY rope ottoman is so easy, you’ll want to make more than one! And that’s perfect because you can stack them to make a makeshift table for the patio!


Old tires can be very useful around the house in a number of ways, so don’t look at it as just some hunk of old rubber! One of the ways you can use an old tire is to turn it into a chic rope ottoman.

The large surface area and round shape of the tire is the ideal place to prop up your feet.

Jess at Style Me Pretty wrote this simple tutorial on how to make one. They’re the perfect addition to your sunroom, patio, or sitting area. The rope ties in especially well with a beach theme or rustic theme. And in the backyard or on the patio, it invokes the feeling of sweet summer nights.

If you don’t have an old tire, check the local junkyard or even an auto shop. You’ll also need 150 feet of 3/8” thick sisal rope or 100 feet of 1” thick sisal rope, 50 feet of 3/8” nylon rope, a hot glue gun, and scissors. Optional steps to seal the ottoman for outdoor use will require a paintbrush and sealer.

Using the nylon rope, wrap around the tire in many different directions, so that the rope criss crosses over the open middle holes. This will form a nice, taut cover for the sisal rope to go in place.

Style Me Pretty

Tie the nylon rope to itself to hold into place.

Now take the sisal rope, and start at the edge of one side of the tire. Wrap the sisal rope around the tire, hot gluing it to the tire and the line of rope preceding it as you go. Wrap until the entire side of the tire is covered.

When you reach the top ‘flat’ portion of the tire, form concentric circles across the nylon rope. Hot gluing will get a little tricky here, so glue as you wrap the sisal rope. When you’ve filled in the top, trim the excess and glue the end of the sisal rope into place.

Style Me Pretty

Paint the rope with sealer if you plan to use it outside. You’ll love your sturdy new ottoman!

See Jess’s post here.

Style Me Pretty

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