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Before Frosting The Cake, She Cut It In Half And Put It On Its Side. When She’s Done, It Looks ADORABLE!


It only takes two extra steps to turn an average cake into something spectacular for your Easter celebration!


Making a basic cake is not necessarily a bad thing, but with just one extra cut, you could make it twice as exciting -- just in time for the upcoming holiday!

Blogger Jenny Steffens Hobick shared the simple way to transform a basic sheet cake into an adorable bunny cake, and just time for for Easter!!

The simple vanilla cake recipe, paired with a cream cheese icing, is all it takes to make the cake look like something that took a lot longer than it actually did.

No professional baking skills are need to make this dessert, but the result will make it look like you have them for sure!


Jenny gives delicious, moist cake and sweet icing recipes to follow, but if you don’t have time for that, choose whatever works best for you -- whether that be a recipe you already know or cake mix from a box!

When you finish making your cake, cut the whole thing into halves and let it cool.


Then, cover the top of one of the halves with a thick coat of frosting, and stick the other half right on top of it. While you do this, also cover a little piece of cardboard with a coat of the frosting.


Then, stand the cake on its side, on top of the cardboard (The frosting on the cardboard is so that the whole thing stays in place).


At this point, it should sort of look like a giant taco. Once you’ve gotten this far, take a knife and carefully cut off a top corner of the cake. This will form the bunny head. Use the scrap you cut off to make a little tail on the other end.


Next, cover the entire thing in frosting! At this point, you’re going to decide if you like coconut or not. If you don’t, put the cake in the fridge, then apply another coat of frosting. On the second coat, use a fork to distress the frosting a little bit, sort of to make it look like a bunny’s fur coat.


If you do like coconut, apply a second coat of frosting if you want, but instead of using the fork method, cover the entire bunny in coconut flakes!


It should start to really look like a bunny at this point!

For the finishing touches, cut out some paper ears and slide them behind the bunny’s head.


It is such a simple cake to make, and there’s not too many toppings or designs on top to fuss with when it’s ready to be eaten.


This is perfect for an Easter celebration!

You could even make a chocolate version of the bunny and coat the coconut flakes in melted chocolate before you stick them on the cake!

Find more details about Jenny’s bunny cake recipe here!

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