He Applies For Hundreds Of Jobs But Doesn't Get Any Response. Then, He Removes One Thing From His Resume And Starts Getting Tons Of Responses


A college graduate was having a very difficult time landing a job even though he’s actively seeking and amply qualified. Read on for the full story!


27-year-old Daryl Jones graduated from University of Hull in Yorkshire, England. He completed his degree and studied business and marketing. Although he’s exceptionally qualified and had ample experience, Jones just couldn’t get a job.

According to The Lad Bible, Jones said, “I’ve made over 400 job applications but had nothing. It’s disappointing. Students have shown people with disabilities do want to contribute, they want to have a job and earn money, but nobody will employ me.”

Jones continued, “I have a degree and when I’ve spoken to people they’ve said I have loads of qualifications and plenty of experience and can’t understand why I can’t get a job.”

He shared an anecdote involving a job search with a friend. He said, “My friend applied for one of the same graduate jobs as me. He had the same experience as me, but he got the job while I was told I didn’t have enough experience.”

He then decided to remove one vital thing on his résumé. Then his phone started blowing up. Jones suffered from Marfan Syndrome and epilepsy. He removed information related to his disease and disability to be considered seriously for job interviews.

The Lad BIble

According to The Lad Bible, Jones founded the charity Disability Sports Humber.

Jones said, “I was a disability person for the NUS (National Union of Students) and I took part in a lot of disability sport. I’ve also set up a charity and done a lot of other work around disability.”

He confessed, “It was only when I took all that stuff off the CV I started getting interviews.”

According to Marfan.org, a website that aims to address information about the disease as well as serve as a guidance for those who has it, Marfan Syndrome is defined as “a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue hold all the body’s cells, organs, and tissue together.”

Daryl explained it in his own words and experience, “It means I can’t do physical jobs but office work, administration, I can do that. I’ve been applying for everything.”

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