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He Nailed Fiberboard ALL OVER The Walls And Then Did THIS! When He’s Finished? Remarkable!


She wanted a new look in her home, so she decided in fiberboard to do the job. When it’s all finished? Beautiful!


If simply painting the walls of your house isn’t enough and you would love to try something a little different, you should pick up some fiberboard!

That sentence alone might be little confusing by medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is actually the perfect material to make your very own DIY board and batten walls!

Chris from the blog, Just A Girl Blog, shared with us how she did it. And, it is so much easier than you’d expect.

To start, she removed the builder’s-grade baseboards on all the walls that she planned to redo. Then, she replaced them with 5-inch MDF.


From there, she got started on the battens. This is the wood that looks sort of intimidating while the project is in process. There’s something unsettling about placing wood all over your wall.

It is so easy to do, though. Chris recruited some helpers, and then the team spaced the three-inch-wide batten 14 inches apart along the wall.


“This is not perfect in all areas,” Chris explained on her blog post about the project. “We adjusted at corners, some outlets, etc.”

When that was added, the next step was the five-inch topboard, which was placed at the end of all the battens.


Chris said that they attached all of the fiberboard using a nail gun. When everything was in place, she covered up the spots where the nails were fired with spackle to make the surface flush.

Next it was time add a little more detail. Above the topboard, Chris decided to install a two-inch-deep shelf.


To cover up the space where the shelf met the topboard, she used a quarter round trim.

The only thing not attached with the nail gun was the trim. Instead, Chris used “Liquid Nail-ed,” because the quarter round was light enough to not need anything stronger.

While it was drying, though, she used painter’s tape as a brace.

When all the wood was glued and nailed, it was time to move on to the last phase of the home project: painting.


All it took was priming, many coats of a white glossy paint, and a finish to make the board and batten walls really come to life.



Find more details about the project here!

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