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Her Dresser Broke, So She Took Out All The Drawers! Who Knew They Could Be Used For THIS?!


She uses old drawers everywhere in her house, and the reason is perfect!


If you ever find yourself with a broken dresser, don’t get rid of it. There are so many different ways to use the material of the furniture to create something new.

Like many dressers that grow old over time, sometimes when you’re ready to get rid of the piece of furniture, it’s because parts of it are broken beyond repair.

It’s a shame to get rid of the entire piece, though, if there are still perfectly good pieces of it that work fine.

One of the many parts of a dresser to recreate and transform into something new are the drawers.

Here are 13 alternative ways to use drawers in your home that have nothing to do with holding folded clothes.

1. Create a plastic wrap station


Whether it’s plastic wrap, lunch baggies, trash bags, paper towels, or something else, it's nice to have all of these necessities all in one spot. Normally, they’re all in the same drawer. This is no different, except that the drawer is on the wall. Learn more about it here.

2. Organize the bathroom


This is like an open-face bathroom vanity plus a towel rack -- when it comes to bathroom storage, it doesn’t get much better than this! You could even use a deeper drawer to hold extra rolls of toilet paper. Learn more about it here.

3. Display books


If you don’t have enough space in a room for a full bookshelf, this is a great alternative that you can place wherever you wants on the walls. Learn more about it here.

4. Decorate your walls


Drawers are also great to hold the little valuables and pictures that you want to display but keep safe at the same time. It’s like a shadow box without the glass. Learn more about it here.

5. Build a dog bed


Your dog will thank you for making a special space designed just for them. It’s perfect for the backyard. Learn more about it here.

6. Create a custom dollhouse


The Barbie dream house has nothing on this custom home, built just for your special little girl. Learn more about it here.

7. Hang up jackets


This one only uses the door fronts, which is still just as cute. Plus, the drawer knobs are perfect as hooks! Learn more about it here.

8. Organize your jewelry


Add a few more knobs to go with the two that are already there and you have the perfect place to store all your bracelets and necklaces. Then, you can place a bowl inside the drawer for earrings! Learn more about it here.

9. Store your dishes


This is a great way to display the cute dishes you have without keeping them out of reach. This works especially well in small kitchens without a lot of storage. Learn more about it here.

10. Clean up the laundry room


Where do you put your detergent and softeners? Most of the time, they’re just sitting out because they’re used so often. Here’s the best way to make it look like you’re more tidy than you actually have to be! Learn more about it here.

11. Grow an indoor plant


There’s nothing more beautiful than adding life to a space you spend a lot of time in. Drawers make the perfect shelves to house plants that would otherwise take up space you could use for something else. Learn more about it here.

12. Build a bookshelf


Drawers stacked vertically on top of one another actually make the perfect shelves! The best part is that you can arrange them any shape and direction you like. Learn more about it here.

13. De-clutter your doorway


Create a place for everything that gets dropped in the entryway of your home. You’ll feel better having everything put away but still easy to access. Learn more about it here.

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