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Her Puppy Was Ruining The Carpet, So She Made THIS!! It Removed The Stains INSTANTLY! WOW!


Her dog kept having accidents inside the house, so she found the best way to get rid of stains completely!


Everyone who owns a pet, especially a new puppy, knows how hard it can be in those first few months.

It’s a constant battle to trains dogs to do their business outside -- and in the meantime the carpet suffers.

DeeDee from the blog, Clover House, had that issue, but her furry friend was an elderly dog. She knew it would be an even harder battle, but didn’t want to settle for ruined carpets. So, she found a two-ingredient fix that solved the issue right away!

The trick to removing pet stains from carpets is as simple as scrubbing the area with two common household supplies: hydrogen peroxide (rubbing alcohol) and Dawn dish soap!!


DeeDee said in her blog post about the project that her dog, Trevor, is almost 16 years old and just started having accidents last year.


“Keeping our light colored carpet clean and keeping the house urine odor free is a chore now!” DeeDee wrote on her blog post. “Sometimes I catch the accident right after it happens, but mostly he does this while we aren’t home throughout the day and that causes the staining.”


Now that DeeDee knows the trick, though, the chore has become much easier!

All she did to make the stains go away was combine equal parts hydrogen peroxide and Dawn soap, making sure to mix it thoroughly.


Then, using a brush, she started to work the mixture into the trouble area and let it sit for about half an hour.


After that, the only thing left for her to do was go back over the spot by pressing it with a paper towel.

This picked up the remaining moisture while not completely getting rid of the cleaning solution.

DeeDee finishes the whole thing by going over the stained areas of the carpet with the vacuum once the solution has dried.

The mixture is a natural solution to some of the harsher cleaning products on the market, and, most importantly, isn’t harmful to her dog.

It also happens to work wonderfully! The before and after shot of the carpet shows how well the solution took out the stains.


Find more details about DeeDee’s project here!

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