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Her Shower Looked AWFUL, So She Tore EVERYTHING Out And Replaced It With THIS! BEAUTIFUL!


Instead of using tile in her bathroom, she decided to use pebbles from the dollar store! The results are better than you could ever imagine.


Most builder-grade showers are made out of cheap material. If you’re lucky, you’ll get tile, but it’s not always the prettiest or the best quality.

Showers never seem to come as nice as you see them in fancy hotels or magazines.

But, Laura from the blog, Something From Nothing, was determined to change that!

She wanted a luxurious shower made of stone, so she decided to make it herself!

“I had seen pebble tiles at the Big Box stores, but I didn’t like the fact that there was not a lot of color variation,” Laura wrote on her blog post about the project.

That’s when she decided to make her own stone shower floor, and she got all her supplies at the most unexpected location.

“A trip to the dollar store, and many bags of stones, at least 30, I had the material for the shower floor,” Laura wrote.


Then, she began the project of redoing her old shower, which looks more like a cage than anything else!


The first thing she did was work on the walls. Instead of pebbles, she decided to use regular tile.


“Have never tiled full walls before, it was an experience, but one we will repeat in our other two bathrooms,” Laura wrote.


When that was done, it was time to move along to the floor.


“When the walls had set, it was time to tackle the floor,” Laura wrote. “I have to admit I was a little scared. What if I didn’t like the finished product?”

She pushed past her fears and moved forward to see what she could create.

Laura spread the grout around the shower floor and one by one placed every single rock down until the floor was completely covered.


She chose a bunch of different colored stones so that she would get the more diverse color group she was looking for.

When all the stones were set and the grout finished drying, Laura ended up being very pleased with what she saw.

The end result is gorgeous!


“I love the look, and it is a great foot massage every time I step in,” Laura wrote.

Find more details about the project here.

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