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If You Don’t Do THIS, Breaking Into Your House Will Be A Piece Of Cake For Burglars


When she moved into her apartment by herself, her dad made sure this was the first thing they did.


When his daughter moved into her first apartment, this dad made sure to do something very important to keep any intruders from walking through the front door.

Now, years later, Mariana Harrison has shared with Facebook what her dad did and why it is crucial for everyone to do the same thing right away.

The trick is to take the screws out of your door. Sounds weird, we know. But, on most apartments and homes, the screws that come with the door frame are only about half an inch long, which means they aren’t very hard to take out.

“Most contractors install the plates with the supplied screws, which are only a half inch long and come out with one kick by a burglar,” Mariana wrote on Facebook.

Her dad fixed the problem by replaces the small screws with different ones that are more than four times as long.

“He installed 4 inch screws in their place that go through the door frame and into the framing of the house,” Mariana said. “They can kick for a long time before they get tired!”

Mariana also shared a photo to show the difference between the screws you probably have holding your door up and the much bigger screws that her dad installed to keep her safe.


“Making a burglar make a bunch of noise and be foiled in their initial plan cannot only give you time to arm yourself, but they will most likely move on to an easier target,” Mariana said at the end of the post.

People have shared the Facebook status more than 220,000 times and have shared their own experiences with changing their screws.

“I saw a video on this put out by a police department and it took 1 or 2 kicks to do in a normal door, and twenty something kicks with just the screws replaced, and those never kicked in. The hinges failed first. I have 4 inch deck screws in all of my doors now,” one person said.

“This really works, had someone try to kick in our door at 3 a.m. one night. They kicked it seriously hard 3 times and the door didn’t budge at all, then they ran off,” another person shared.

“This actually happened when our house was broken into,” a person commented on the Facebook post. “Kicked in the front door and frame. We put the longer screws in when we replaced the door frame. A great word of warning!”

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