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It LOOKS Like An Old Pop Up Camper, But How She Transformed The Inside Is GORGEOUS!


When she was given a 17-year-old camper, she did something recreated the inside into something anyone would want!


Jennifer McNamara and her family were given the awesome gift of a 1999 Coleman Santee pop up camper, which had been kept in good shape and stored inside someone’s garage.

As it was, the 17-year-old trailer was in near perfect shape with no work needed.

But, that didn’t stop Jennifer from deciding to update the mobile home in a way that would impress everyone.

“We painted, reupholstered, and altered a few things to modernize the look, and make it a little more function for our family,” Jennifer wrote on her blog, talking about the camper project. “It is still a work in progress, but for the most part we are really happy how the interior turned out!”

The before and after photos of the project prove how amazing it is.

Here's what it was to start.


And this is what they ended up with.


There's such a difference it how the bedroom area looks before...


And how it looks after Jennifer gets her hands on it!


The kitchen area turned from cheap to chic with just a few adjustments.


One of the biggest and brightest additions to the trailer, which really makes it homey, is the new color scheme. Talk about a drab to fab transformation!



“We ended up finding this flowery outdoor fabric at Hancock Fabrics, and decided that it would work great for the bench cushions,” Jennifer writes. “Outdoor fabric is really durable, and simply wipes clean when there are spills. This is so important when you have 3 kids and 2 large dogs!”

Another big change was the floor, which turned out awesome.


“We simply laid the new floor over the existing vinyl flooring,” Jennifer writes. “I love how durable and expensive looking this floor is!!!”

As far as the outside go, the family is planning to keep it as it is. The magic is all on the inside, really!

She even modified their ~bathroom~ by making it easier to access for everyone.


“One of the major changes was the ‘potty cabinet’ situation,” Jennifer writes. “It simply wasn’t functional for our family .We would have to open the cabinet, move all the other stuff out of the way, and pull out the port a potty every time the kids needed to use it … The new ‘potty cabinet’ has a storage area, and then has a counter top/lid over the port a potty that lifts up! Now the kids can simply lift up the lid and use the potty in place.”

The next big step for Jennifer in this project is installing an air conditioning unit, but as far as design goes, everyone is nothing less and impressed!

Look through all of the design photos from her project here.

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