Little Girl Starts Crying When Teacher Finds Out About Her Dirty Little Secret.


A video of a little girl crying because she was caught hiding something had gone viral online. Read on for more details!


A little girl named Qi Qi, four years old, was recorded on video crying after she was caught by her teacher hiding something inside her small yellow bag. Qi Qi, who lives in China, immediately started crying when she thought that her teacher would confiscate what was inside her bag, which was a small white dog.

According to the Daily Mail, Qi Qi tried to hide the dog inside her small bag to avoid getting noticed by the adults or teachers in the school. However, the dog suddenly started barking. So that gave little Qi Qi’s innocent secret away to the teacher. As the teacher followed the sound, Qi Qi started crying and felt guilty.

The video was taken on April 7th at a kindergarten in Suining, which can be located in south west of the Sichuan Province in China, according to Pear Video, the source of the video. According to the report, Qi Qi found the poor stray white dog while she was on her way to the kindergarten.

Qi Qi was smitten by the cuteness of the puppy to the point that she gave in and decided to bring it along with her even though she still had school to attend. Qi Qi placed the dog inside her bag. When she thought that her teacher was going to get rid of the poor stray dog, Qi Qi cried and pleaded to the teacher, “Don’t throw it away. It won’t bite!”

The teacher, who chose to be anonymous, told Pear Video, “I told her to come to my office. She kept telling me the dog wouldn't bite people. She told me not to throw it away.” The teacher explained that Qi Qi probably got that idea into her head from the fact that there’s a river right outside the kindergarten.

Qi Qi thought that her teacher would dump the puppy into the river. Qi Qi, who has a twin sister, shared a lollipop to the puppy because she just loved it so much. She even gave some of her lunch to it. Now, Qi Qi may have to tell her mom about the puppy first in order to get it properly vaccinated.

Since getting published on Weibo, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, the video was viewed more than five million times, according to the Daily Mail.

Some people commented on the Qi Qi’s compassion, and hope that she would be rewarded for her kindness in the future.

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