Man Gets Caught Grabbing A Kid. When Kids Find Out It’s Not His Dad, He Does Something That Saves His Life.


A man was caught on camera grabbing a kid during a wrestling tournament. What he did later to the kid is basically every parent’s nightmare. Read on for more details.


The Oklahoma City Police Department is seeking help from fellow citizens of the area to keep a watchful eye out for a man who tried to abduct an eight-year-old in public last January 6, FOX25 reports.

The brief yet terrifying incident happened at the Jim Norick Arena at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds where a wrestling tournament was being held.

Fortunately, the boy managed to get himself off of the grips of the man, who was described by the police as a “heavy set Hispanic or Native American, standing at approximately 6-feet-tall,” according to FOX25.

Facebook / Oklahoma City Police Department

Oklahoma City Police Department posted the incident on Facebook and said:

Friday evening, Oklahoma City Police responded to a call at a wrestling tournament at the State Fairgrounds regarding an attempted child abduction. As you can see from the photos, a man picked up an eight year-old child and tried to walk away with him. When the child began to kick and scream, the man put the child down and left.

Those who could give a vital information regarding the man or a witness to the incident could earn a cash reward if they come forward and contact police.

There were debates and harsh criticisms directed to the parents of the kid, who remained unnamed. Top commenter on the Facebook post Krystal Ernce said:

“Just a fyi to those criticizing. . This tournament, USJOC, had about 1000 plus kids entered. Unfortunately they do not allow parents on the floor without a $50 floor pass. So you HAVE to let your child go alone.”

“I must say there was more security around the floor area to keep parents off than out in the main walking areas. This location is where the kids come on and off the floor area.”

“Luckily trying to abduct kids who wrestle probably isn't your best idea. These kids are some of the best in this state and country. . I personally spent the money to walk my kid but not everyone can afford that. Thank God this kid was ok.”

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