Nun Takes Deaf Students To The Bathroom Before They Play. But Someone Is Already Waiting For Them Inside.


A nun from Argentina was accused of helping priests take advantage of children’s disabilities at a school. Read on for more details!


A Roman Catholic nun from Japan who moved to Argentina was arrested and charged on suspicion of conniving with priests to sexually abuse children with hearing disabilities at a school for young people. Kumiko Kosaka, 42 years old, helped priests molest children through anal and vaginal rapes, oral sex, and groping.

According to Daily Mail, the sexual abuse mostly happened in the bathrooms, dormitory rooms, the garden, and eve in a basement at the school located in Lujan de Cuyo.

The incident and allegations were brought up after a former student accused Kosaka of forcing her to wear a diaper to conceal a hemorrhage after she was allegedly raped by Horacio Corbacho, a priest.

Kosaka told judicial officials, “I am innocent.” She was brought into custody at a women’s prison in Argentina while the investigation by the detectives continued on the said crimes.

Kosaka was also charged with physically abusing the students at the Antonion Provolo Institute for children with hearing impairment. Kosaka has Argentine citizenship. During a court hearing, which lasted for eight hours, she denied doing any of the crimes accused to her.

After the news broke, 24 more students from the school decided to come forward to testify against Corbacho, priest Nicola Corradi, and three other men. The children claimed that the priests abused them next to an image of the Virgin Mary. All the five men were arrested last November.

Investigators found pornographic magazines and a cash totaling to $34,000 in Corradi’s chambers. One of the victims said, “They always said it was a game: ‘Let’s go play, let’s go play,’ and they would take us to the girls’ bathroom.”

If the priests were found guilty, each of them could face up to fifty years in prison. Corradi already had accusations against him in Italy for abusing the students at the Provolo Insitute in Verona.

Advocates against clerical sex abuse have given their disapproval and thoughts on Corradi not being sanctioned by the Vatican. Three school employees, Jorge Bordon, Jose Luis Ojeda, and Armando Gomez were also arrested in connection to these crimes.

There are more than 30 testimonies that investigators are going through currently. They are all accusing both the priests and the teaching staff.

The abuse at the school first surfaced in 2009 when a handful of students accused the priests for sexually abusing them. The Vatican, however, remained unresponsive and slow in taking steps in regards to dealing with the accusations and the investigation.

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