People Rescue A Family Trapped Inside A Car. But When They Free The Babies, They Notice Something That Makes Their Hearts Sink.


A group of people in Texas helped a family escape a toppled car due to the tornadoes that kept on ravaging the state. Read on for the full story!


A very traumatizing episode happened to a small family from Wills Point, Texas after the slew of tornadoes had ravaged the small town. Phillip Ocheltree, 25 years old, was driving with his two kids in the backseat to their home when the vehicle suddenly “hydroplaned off the highway.”

When their truck flipped over, Ocheltree and his two kids, Marshal and Addyson, were trapped inside as the flood kept on rising and water began to surround the car, which made escaping through opening the doors even more difficult.

Fortunately, the incident, which happened around Myrtle Spring, was noticed by a passerby who immediately went to help the family escape the vehicle. A man named Tom Mitchell recorded the heroism of the people who saved the family. The men faced some difficulty in opening the doors against the strong current.

Then, a man in a red shirt succeeded in getting inside and first took Marshal as the water began to fill up the vehicle. Unfortunately, the rescuers saw that the little boy stopped breathing. Mitchell told WFAA-TV, “No color at all and the eyes were not focused when I looked down.”

He then decided to administer CPR on the little baby. Mitchell said, “This baby is gonna die if we don’t start CPR fast. Having a negative feeling coming over me. This baby may not make it, this baby may not make it. No reaction, nothing is happening.”

While some of them were working on making the baby breathe again, others successfully took Addyson out of the truck as well as the father. Addyson was also in the same condition as his brother. She was immediately taken to the hospital and now in a stable condtion.

Ocheltree said, “Life comes at you in a blink of an eye. Last night leaving our home trying to get away from what was yet to come we hydroplaned off the highway. The update as of this moment is Marshal is in excellent condition and is full of life. Addy bug right now is fighter for lack of better words.

“She is stable and breathing more and more on her own but it's all up to her as to when she is ready to wake up see everyone please, please keep my little bug your prayers. I can't thank you all enough who came into the water and saved my children blessing thank you all so much.”

Ocheltree, who’s a motorman at Trinidad Drilling, had given an update on Addyson and said that she was better than she was before.

Tornadoes had recently going through East Texas and had already killed four people this year. Cars had been flipped and trees had been plucked off the ground, and homes had been shattered to pieces.

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