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She Attached Binder Clips To An Old CD And Used A Piece of Paper To Make THIS! Adorable!


Instead of doing nothing with her old CDs, she covered them up with paper to make THIS for her home!


What are you doing with all those old CDs that are stashed in a box in the closet? The time has come to get busy going through the dusty belongings you’re never going to need again.

Don’t fret about a cleaning day, though. There’s actually something really fun that you can make once you pull out all those old albums.

Nancy from Our Peaceful Planet shared her idea for recycling old CDs and anyone could do it! She uses them to make the most adorable picture frames!

“They’re very inexpensive and pretty and make wonderful gifts for just about any occasion,” Nancy wrote on her blog post about the project. “Give a set to grandparents. Give a set to friends, Give one to a special someone on Valentine’s day. They are so easy kids can make them!”

To put the frames together, Nancy used old CDs and DVDs, small binder clips, spray paint, scrapbook paper, and glue.

The first thing she did was trace out the circumference of the CD onto the back of her scrapbook paper.

When she had the shape traced, Nancy then cut out the paper so that she was left with a circle the exact size of the CD.


Next, she covered the front of the CD with glue and carefully placed the piece of paper directly on top of it, covering the CD.

Make sure when you do this that you set it down properly. When it’s done drying, you could also cover the back, if you wanted.

The other thing she had to add to the frame itself to finish it off was the picture! She cut it into a little circle and glued it in the center of the CD, over the cute, printed scrapbook paper.

To make a little border for the picture, she added some pearl trim around the picture and glued it all down.

Once everything had finished drying, the last step was to make a stand for the new picture frame so that it wouldn’t fall over.

Nancy realized that little binder clips would work perfect for this!


They create the perfect feet for her picture frame, and once she tested them out, she took them back off and spray painted them gold to create a more finished look.


After everything had dried, her new frame was complete!

The end result is adorable and unique.

Find more details about the project here.

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