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She Bent The Pool Noodle Then Put Duct Tape On It. The Result? Every Homeowner Should Know THIS!


These noodles are always a hit in the pool, and now they’re a hit everywhere in the house!


Pool noodles are a classic summertime pool toy, obviously. I don’t know anyone who has a pool and doesn’t own at least a few of the long foam sticks!

But, during the off season, the noodles are actually good for a whole lot of other things, none of which have to do with water.

Pool noodles are great for inside the home and you’ll quickly see why.

1. For toddler beds


If your little one in transitioning out of a crib into a big kid bed, sooth your worries that they’ll fall off by placing a noodle underneath the fitted sheet on the edge of the bed. It will block them from rolling off. Find out more here.

2. Block a draft


This is especially important during the winter. If you run your heater and the house doesn’t feel like it’s getting any warmer, it might be because there’s a gap at the bottom of your front door. A pool noodle with a cut in half, stuffed inside some stockings is the perfect way to prevent the cool breeze from entering the home. Find out more here.

3. Store boots


Sometimes boots take up more space in your closet simply because when they’re not on your feet, they droop over. Keep that from happening by cutting pieces of the noodle long enough to fit inside your boots. Find out more here.

4. Protect your car door


Stop having to worry about banging your driver door every time you get out of the car by screwing half a noodle to the garage wall in the area you normally pull up to. Find out more here.

5. Make a door stopper


If you don’t want your kids to slam their fingers in the door, or just slam the door in general, this is the easiest trick to prevent that without having to buy an expensive door stop. Find out more here.

6. Fill up a bucket


Before you start mopping your floors, don’t try to lift up the bucket and fill it until it’s so heavy you almost fall over. Instead, but a pool noodle over the faucet and it will funnel the water into the bucket on the floor. Find out more here.

7. Hang up slacks


Avoid having unwanted creases in your work pant by putting a pool noodle on the hanger before hanging them to dry. The foam material will make it so the pants don’t stay damp while eliminating any lines. Find out more here.

8. Make an epic fort


Duct tape, pool noodles, and sheets make the most amazing tent you could ever build with your kids. The setup and takedown is easy enough, and the fort will be tall enough for you to enjoy too. Find out more here.

9. Cover trampoline springs


The most dangerous part of the trampoline for your fingers and toes can be the springs on the edges. Avoid a trip to the ER by covering them with noodles. Plus, it will look extra cute. Find out more here.

10. Create a beautiful wreath


With a little bit of burlap over it, a pool noodle is the best base to start with and get a perfect circle from. You can stick stuff into the foam and when you’re done, it will be light enough to hang on any door without falling. Find out more here.

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