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She Bought A Pool Noodle And Four Pairs Of Flip Flops. A Few Steps Later? Her Neighbors LOVE It!


Normally sandals are worn, but when she attaches them TO a pool noodle, you’ll see exactly why that’s actually the cutest use for the shoes!


Flip flops and pool noodles are perfect for a fun day in the water, but that’s not what she was thinking when she decided to do something completely different with the summer gear.

Berta from the blog, Momhttp://mommylikewhoa.com/my Like Whoa, picked up pool-side essentials to make a wreath for her front door!

It’s the perfect decor to kick of a summer of fun, and it is so simple to make!

She started by going to the Dollar Tree and grabbing all her supplies, which include a brightly-colored pool noodle, four pairs of kid-sized flips flops (she used size 10/11), ribbon, and duct tape.

The very first thing Berta did when all her supplies were ready to go was twist the pool noodle into a circle and then secure the ends together using duct tape.


She added that it’s easier to tape the noodle by using smaller pieces of the duct tape.

It doesn’t matter what color the tape is because she covered it up when the noodle was shaped.

To cover it, Berta used pink satin ribbon, choosing a color that coordinated with her selection of flip flops, of course!

She used hot glue to secure the ribbon to the noodle as she wrapped it around the taped section to ensure that it wouldn’t slip and expose anything later on.


When she finally covered up all of the duct tape, she tied the ribbon in a double knot.

Then it was time to add the flip flops!

Berta suggested laying all your flip flops on the noodle, or at least in the shape of the circle, before starting to attach everything to make sure you like how it looks.

She also said using the left-footed sandals for the left side of the circle and the right-footed shoes for the right side seemed to work the best.

When everything looked okay, she grabbed her hot glue gun once more and started to attach the bottom of the first sandal to the foam pool noodle.

After that, she placed a good amount of glue on the heel of the sandal so that the next shoe could be attached on top of it.


Berta warned about using the hot glue on the pool noodle. It does melt the foam, which is okay, but you don’t want it to get too melted.

She took the flip flop assemblage very slowly to make sure none of the noodles slid around while they were still drying.


When she was finished, the last thing to do was loop the ribbon at the top into a bow and hang it on her door!


So cute and perfect for the summertime!

Find more details about the project here.

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