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She Covered Her Painting With DISH SOAP And Then Grabbed The Water Hose! The Result? Magical!


Whenever she paints with her kids, she always grabs the dish soap as well. The reason? It’s not just to keep hands clean!


Michelle from the blog, Create Art With Me, shared the crafting idea, and it would be such a fun project to try with the little ones!

At first, it seems like an average art project, but Michelle used dish soap and water on the artwork itself to create the coolest effect!

She started her project by gathering, basic acrylic paint, thick paper, gel dish soap, and spray paint.

Then she began the process of painting just like anyone normally would.


“Blending colors that are next to each other on the color wheel looks best,” Michelle wrote on her blog post about the project. “It’s also fun to make simple designs like large circles.”

After she had painted her entire surface with the design she liked, Michelle drizzled the artwork with her dish soap, making sure to leave some of the surface soap free.


Next, she took the project outside and covered the whole thing with black spray paint!


At this point, you might think the project was ruined, but what happens next is magical.

“Spray the entire surface with spray paint,” Michelle wrote. “Let stand 20-3o minutes, making sure the spray paint is dry to the touch.”

She also noted this step might take longer depending on the temperature and the paint you used.

When the spray paint dried, Michelle then started to rinse off the dish soap with her water hose!


If you didn’t already think the project was a disaster, you’re probably thinking that now.

But, you’d be surprised because as the water continued to wash away the soap, the colors from Michelle’s original painting started to show through!


It works because the soap itself resists the spray paint layered on top of it, covering the paint underneath that she started with.


The finished result is so cool, and you could make so many different designs with this technique!


Find more details about the project here.

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