She Cries For Help Inside A Bus After Baby Drops Dead. But Medics Say That The Baby Has Been Dead For Days.


A couple had been put on trial because of the mysterious death of a baby on a bus. Read on for more details!


Jeffrey Wilshire, 52 years old, was caught on surveillance camera attached to a bus giving his partner, Rosalin Baker, 25 years old, a thumbs-up as she boarded the bus in Stratford with her baby, Imani, strapped to her chest with a harness.

About 20 minutes later, Baker set the alarm even though she was “cold and calm” while other passengers of the bus scrambled around to save her daughter’s life. Imani was a premature baby who was born 28 weeks early. She was immediately taken to the hospital, but doctors discovered that she was already dead due to broken skull and brain damages.

According to Metro, doctors posited the baby had been long dead before she was taken to Newham General Hospital. Baker spoke up and claimed that it was Wilshire who harmed the child before she was forced to board the bus and frame the death.

Wilshire, on the other hand, denied the accusation and said that he didn’t know how Imani died. Wilshire has 25 children from 18 women who carried them. The two were found guilty of letting a child die.

Judge Nicholas Hillard told Baker and Wilshire, “That child’s life must have been painful, distressing and bewildering and the failure, at the very least, to protect her is a very serious matter indeed, which can only result in a substantial custodial sentence.”

The couple lived in a tiny apartment where Imani was assaulted at least three time that led to her death.

Anthony Steadman, the paramedic who responded to the call, had never witnessed a parent react in such a nonchalant way in his 18 years of doing his job.

Steadman said, “The mother displayed no emotion, there were no questions asked. I had never seen that reaction from a parent before – she lacked emotion and appeared to be disengaged from what was happening. From my impression, she seemed cold – the only emotion she showed was when we said we were going to leave the scene.

“Then, she was very vocal until she had swapped her mobile phone with her sister.”

In court, Baker blamed Wilshire for the death of the baby. She said, “I was scared, I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I was just crying, stood there. Jeffrey picked up Imani and put her inside the harness. As he was doing that he was saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’”

Wilshire said, “I thought the mark around her eye was the reason they were making a big fuss. I thought they were making a big fuss about nothing and when they found out it was an accident then it would be okay.”

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