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She Cut Q-Tips In Half And Stuck Them In A Styrofoam Ball! The Reason? ADORABLE!


She used q-tips and foam balls to make the most adorable flowers!


If you’re wondering, there is actually a really good reason anyone would want to spend time cutting up q-tips and attaching them to Styrofoam balls.

Megan from the blog, Homemade Ginger, figured out that she could use the random materials to create an affordable replica of a chic piece of decor from the popular store, Anthropologie.

The company had giant q-tip flowers on display in one of their stores, a surprisingly gorgeous way to make the space more colorful and funky.

Megan realized that she could make the same at home for basically no cost!

“I just knew I had to try it myself,” Megan wrote on her blog post about the project. “So, I went home and gathered some supplies.”

To make the project, she collected fake flowers, Styrofoam balls, q-tips, and food color.


The first thing she did, and maybe the most time consuming part of the whole project, was cut a bunch of q-tips in half.


If you cut them exactly in half, you can use both ends of the q-tip. But, if you want the circumference of your flowers to be a little bit bigger, you could make one side of the q-tip longer and just use those ends.

Once that was done, she simply started poking all the q-tips into the Styrofoam ball.


“If you make them too close together, the q-tips won’t push down very far,” Megan wrote.

She made sure to try to keep the length of her incisions equal across the whole thing.


When she finished covering the whole ball with q-tips, she filled a bowl with water and food coloring until she had the color she wanted.


“I loved the aqua color that Anthropologie did, but I’m sure they would look adorable in yellow, orange, green, or any other spring color!”

Megan simply twirled the ball around in the bowl until the end of every q-tip was saturated.

She added a note that the color will dry a little lighter than it is when first dipped, so keep that in mind!

While those were drying, she took the fake flowers she bought and cut off the stems.


Then, she poked the stem into the Styrofoam ball and secured it in place with hot glue.


Once everything dried, her flowers were completed! They look so adorable and just like the ones in the store!


Get all the details here and watch the video below to see exactly how it was done.

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