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She Drew A Heart On A Piece Of Cardboard And Filled It With Tree Branches! The Result? ADORABLE!


She wanted to put something new in her bedroom, and when she saw the tree branches outside the idea came to her!


It doesn’t take much to add something to a wall that will instantly take it from boring and bare to lively and colorful.

In fact, you can make something to hang as decor using things you find walking down the street!

That’s what blogger Rachel Pereira figured out when she realized she could use tree branches to make a beautiful, hanging wooden heart for her wall!

“Whether beach-combing, hiking in the forest or walking along a riverbank, dried branches can be easily found in many places,” Rachel wrote on her eHow post about her project. “With a little imagination, you can transform those beautiful branches into beautiful wall art using a few simple supplies.”

Rachel started the project by collecting branches about one or two inches thick and then making sure they were all clean and rid of dirt.

After they had completely dried, she started to form her heart by tracing the shape onto a large scrap piece of cardboard.


Then, she started by placing the biggest branch she collected in the center of the heart and filling in the rest by working outwards.


To make the branches the right size, Rachel trimmed them down with pliers, which she said helps to “preserve the organic look of the broken branches.”


Once the heart shape on the cardboard was completely filled with wood, she prepared shades of pink that gradually varied from light to dark.


Starting with the darkest color, Rachel used a paintbrush to cover the ends of the tree branches.


After coating the tips of each pieces of wood, she started on the next darkest color, painting up the branches right after the first.


Rachel repeated this step with all four colors, creating an ombre effect three quarters of the way up the heart, leaving the tops exposed as bare wood.


The last step was to tie all the branches. She started by wrapping each individual piece with string.


Then, she tied the other ends of all the strings to one, larger branch.


When that was done, all she had to do was put the heart decor up on the wall!


It looks so beautiful in the room.


“The finished result adds a textural and colorful feature to your walls that can be used seasonally or year-round,” Rachel wrote.

Find more details about the project here.

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