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She Hated Her Blinds, So She Grabbed The Scissors And Started CUTTING! The Result? STUNNING!


She couldn’t stand her boring blinds a second further, so she grabbed the scissors, cut up the blinds, and then did this. It actually turned out great!


Pull-cord blinds are the standard in almost everyone’s house. The blinds come in most homes when you buy and will be there when you leave unless you decide to replace them with something else.

These types of blinds are a pain. The cords always get tangled, it’s easy for the slats to break, and they really aren’t the prettiest to look at.

However, most of the time we don’t bother replacing them because the price tag for that is HUGE!

Shutters are a great upgrade, if you have the money to fork out.

So, most of us just suck it up and avoid dusting the eyesores for as long as possible, pretending they aren’t there.

Well, you don’t have to do that any longer because there is a super easy way to upgrade your blinds to ROMAN SHADES without emptying your wallet.

All you need to make it happen is the blinds, of course, mod podge, a cute upholstery fabric of your choice, scissors, clothespins, and an iron!


Start by laying the blinds flat on the floor. Then, take your scissors and cut all of the ladder strings on both sides of the blinds. These are the strings that keep all the blinds connected to each other.


Then, separate a few slats so that you have enough to cover the entire length of the window with each slat resting seven inches apart. You’ll only end up using a handful from the amount you have.


Then, take the rest of the slats you’re not using and snap off the ends. This will make it so that you can slide the pieces off of the string without having to cut any more strings.


Take the remaining handful of slats you set aside, which should still be attached to the string, and spread them out on top of your fabric choice.


Fold all four edges of the piece of fabric around the corners of the slats and use the mod podge to glue them down.


Once you have everything glued, secure the folds with clothespins so that the fabric doesn’t move while it’s drying.


When you’re done, just hang the blinds up the same way you took them down and see how well your new roman shades works!


It might end up looking better than anything you could have forked out money on!

Watch the video before for more detailed instructions on the project!

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