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She Hot Glued THIS Around The Edges Of A Cheap Laundry Basket. The Result? Perfect For Her Bedroom!


Instead of dropping $100, she used a laundry basket from the dollar store to make THIS!


Finding creative ways to combine storage and decor is always fun, not to mention helpful!

So, Jen from the blog, I Heart Organizing, did exactly that when she came up with an idea to fill the empty space on the shelf of one of her night stands in the guestroom.

“I brainstormed a few different options and landed on some sort of basket to hold a few cozy throws for our guests,” Jen wrote on her blog post about the project. “I really wanted another rope utility basket.”

However, the bigger those bins gets, the more expensive they cost, too, and Jen knew she could spend up to $100 just on something to hold blankets.

“They absolutely are not a guest bedroom budget friendly option,” she wrote.

That’s when she decided she could make one herself, and the results turned out so good!

She started by heading to the Dollar Store to buy a cheap laundry basket in the size she wanted.


The first thing she did after she got her hands on the bin was spray paint the whole thing white.


Then it was time to prepare the rope.

To get a variety of colors, Jen decided to dye half of her cream-colored rope using a mixture of paint and water that she let the rope sit in for a few days.


Once it had soaked long enough and had time to dry, she was finally about to complete the project.

“Once the rope was dry and the spray paint was cured, it finally came time to attach the rope to the basket,” Jen wrote. “This part was easy peasy but a bit time consuming.”

To attach the rope to the outside of the plastic bin, Jen used flipped the basket upside down and hot glue and wrap the rope all the way from the rim to the base.


“We just ran the glue and pushed down the rope,” Jen wrote. “We started under the basket lip to get a nice straight starting line.”

Jen changed colors about every five rows of rope to create the stripe pattern she wanted.


After all the wrapping was completed, the only thing left to do was fill the bin with all the blankets!


The result is adorable!


“It was still far less than my inspiration basket and customized to fit my needs, so I will check it off as a win,” Jen wrote.


Find more details about the project here.

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