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She Made Her Own Giant Area Rug By Doing THIS And It Was Incredibly Simple! WOW!


A good area rug can be hard to come by, so she decided to make it herself.


Finding the perfect area rug at an affordable price can be hard to do if you’re picky and have a color scheme to match.

That’s what Stephanie thought, anyways, and is why she set out to make her own after seeing a friend do it.

“A few years ago, when I visited my friend Kyrie’s dorm room, I was beyond impressed with her area rug,” Stephanie writes in a post about her project on A Scoop of Sherbert. “I remember my initial assumption was that she didn’t spend a ton of money on it because she just wouldn’t have. But I was puzzled because it was seriously the coolest.”

That’s when Stephanie figured out that her friend had collected a bunch of carpet squares and connected them into one massive rug using duct tape!

So, she set out to do the project herself and modified it a little bit along the way. The total project only costed her $30!!

Here’s how she did it.

First, she collected as many carpet squares as she needed to make the rug the size she wanted. A lot of them came from a random ad on Craigslist. The rest she was about to pick up at several different carpet stores.

Most of them sell the squares and have a pretty good selection.

In Stephanie’s experience, each square only costed $1 or $2!

She tried to stick to carpets that were at least all the same material and length because it was impossible to get enough to all be one color.

Stephanie also recommended buying a couple extra squares to give you a little bit of wiggle room with the design.

She laid out her entire pattern before doing anything else.


“After switching squares around for a little while while playing with the colors, I got to the real work. Surprisingly, it took less than an hour,” Stephanie said.

Since her rug was really large, Stephanie switched out the duct tape option for a sturdier carpet adhesive, which she bought at her local hardware store for under $4.


Before using it she cut it into strips so everything was ready to go.


Then, she followed the instructions for peeling the strips and used the strips to attach the carpet squares.


You can barely see the gap between the squares when it’s all connected.


Towards the end, she decided to use a few accent colored pieces of carpet to fill the little holes in the center of the rug.

Then, she got a few rolls of shelf liner from the Dollar Store to attach underneath the carpet. The Liner will keep the rug from sliding around and also protect the floor.


“There you have it! I am so happy with it,” Stephanie said. “I love how it grounds the room, adding a coziness that was previously lacking. And, of course, I love that the entire project cost under $30!”


See all of the photos from Stephanie’s project here.

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