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She Makes A Border With Nails And Then Grabs Some String. The Result? BREATHTAKING!


This home project is so simple. It’s amazing what some string and a few nails can create!


You don’t have to be talented with a paintbrush to make a work of art. Masterpieces come in all shapes and sizes, and anyone can create something beautiful.

Sometimes it is nice to get a little inspiration on what to make, though. You don’t even need to open a bottle of paint to create something worthy enough to hang on the wall of your home.

There’s a really cool way to make a fun piece of three-dimensional wall art that will impress everyone in your home, and all you need to make it happen is a wooden board, nails, and some string!

Here are nine gorgeous creations all made using those three tools, and the results are magical.

1. A dandelion


Although it may be a weed, it still never fails to look beautiful blowing in the wind -- even in string form! Make it here.

2. A heart


There are so many different versions of this one. You can make it whatever size, color, pattern, and shape you want. This DIY project is so easy to modify. Make it here.

3. A rainbow heart


Here’s a version of the popular string art heart project where they used the negative space around the heart for a rainbow pattern. Make it here.

4. A state


This is another one that always turns out awesome. You can choose any state on the map and put a little heart near wherever you call home! Make it here.

5. A name


Putting this on the wall in a little girl or boy’s room would be adorable. It’s easy to find string or yarn that matches whatever color scheme you already have going on in the space, and there are so many different options on what types of letters to choose. Make it here.

6. An elephant


This one just screams nursery! The elephant is so cute, and they even added some jewels at the top as “water” to give the piece even more texture. Make it here.

7. A phrase


Quote signs are really popular right now. Why not make one that looks exactly like you want it to and says exactly what you want it to say? Just make sure to watch for typos! Make it here.

8. A feather


Swapping out a normal wooden board for a piece of bark worked awesome here and meshed nicely with the theme of the piece. This one doesn’t take that long to make, but the results are outstanding. Make it here.

9. An abstract shape


This one is as easy as just putting the nails in straight rows around the edges of the board, and it still turns out looking a lot more complicated than it actually is. Make it here.

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