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She Plastic Wrapped Everything BUT The Counter And Then Sprayed THIS On IT! BEAUTIFUL!


No one thought this would work, but once she’s done, the results are SO impressive!


Remodeling a bathroom is pricier than you might expect, but there are certain ways to cut some corners, save some money, and still end up with amazing results!

That’s what Jess from Bright Green Door accomplished by completing a bathroom project that transformed her boring laminate countertops into a gorgeous centerpiece of her remodeled bathroom.

The best thing is that the whole thing costed her less than $10!!

This is what her bathroom looked like the begin.


Before starting the countertop project, Jess decided to paint her bathroom cabinets a gorgeous shade of white. However, after seeing it finished, the white laminate really stood out like a sore thumb.

That’s when she decided to use SPRAY PAINT on the counters and create a look that no one knew was possible using an aerosol can!

She started by very carefully covering up the mirrors, sink, and drawers with plastic wrap and painter’s tape so that the spray paint didn’t get anywhere it wasn’t supposed to go.


Then, she grabbed her spray point of choice: Rust-oleum “American Accents” in stone! For her single sink counter, she was able to do four light coats with just one can. So, plan accordingly considering the size of the counter you want to spray.


Jess said that it was important to continuously shake the can of paint since the particles that give the perception of a stone surface would easily settle to the bottom.

In addition, she also warned against the strong fumes produced by the paint. So, it is extra important to make sure you have a good ventilation method going, especially if you’re in a tight space.

Open any nearby windows and make sure to have a fan running.

Remember to let to coats dry in between sprays and don’t forget to cover every angle and corner.


Once it’s completely dry, take off all the wrap and tape and see how gorgeous your new counter is!


Everyone familiar with your old bathroom will be impressed with your “remodel” and ask about your new counter!


Look at the entire project Jess completed her bathroom remodeling and see more pictures here.

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