She Posts A Video Of Her Nephew She Thinks Is Funny. Then, She Reads The Negative Comments About It.


A video about a boy grabbing a woman had sparked controversy among parents regarding decency and parenting. Read on for more details!


A video of a little boy grabbing the breasts of the woman who was carrying him had gone viral and people were harshly criticizing the mom and the “disgusting” content. Jetson, 2 years old, inserted his hand inside his aunt Tillie Medland’s shirt and grabbed one of her breasts, the Mirror reports.

Jetson is Tillie’s boyfriend’s nephew. The video had received more than 170,000 views.

Elena, Jetson’s mother, told Mirror, “I think the video is absolutely hilarious and exhibits very natural toddler behavior at this age, as most parents of toddlers would agree.

“I have many friends whose toddlers, boys and girls, have expressed similar fascination with the boob and it is only natural given the primary purpose of this body part (most men would probably argue with that!)

“But in all seriousness, I think the negative reactions come from people that are either not parents and thus have never experienced this in their lives or people with issues. Sorry to be frank but that's how I see it.”

Tillie, who had nothing but adoration for her nephew specially when she goes to visit him two times a week, had a lot to say about the reception of the video online.

Tilled told Mirror, “I am shocked that the video has become such a controversy. In my opinion it's nothing short of hilarious. Jetson is the sweetest boy, and sometimes he can get a little cheeky. Most people I’ve encountered thus far with toddlers have had a similar story to tell.

“It tends to be a common interest among young children, especially if they were recently breast fed. I don't pay much attention to the comments, though occasionally I'll come across a negative one, and my reaction is usually just: 'How can they think that?' And laugh it off.”

Tillie only had this to say about the negative comments and reactions towards the video: “There are a few comments that have been sent to me that have no relation to the video whatsoever, and have been pretty vulgar (things I will not repeat) that have made me question why some people have access to Instagram.

“But with some of the negativity also comes a lot of positive feedback too. There are many people who now run to my defense, which I appreciate very much. I would absolutely post the video again, it's just innocent fun, and I'm happy we were able to capture such a funny moment.”

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