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She Poured CEMENT Into ICE CUBE TRAYS, And When She’s Finished It Looks ADORABLE!


No one expected her to fill the trays with concrete, but how it turns out is simply beautiful!


Who knew the coolest new project used cement as the main supply? Well, it’s the truth, and it’s seriously the cutest.

Kathy from the blog, Krafy Kath, came up with the idea of using cement and silicon ice cube trays to create the most adorable wire stands perfect for labeling a buffet at a party, putting out table places, or any other reason you might want to use little stands!

It sound like a lot more work to use cement than it actually is, and the result is so worth it!


To begin, Kathy gathered all the materials needed for the project:

Metal pins
Silicon ice cube trays
A piece of cardboard
Paint stick
Plastic cups
Your favorite cement mix (A combination of cement and sand)



Once she had everything together, Kathy started by using the piece of cardboard to make a brace for later on. All she had to do was trace the shape of the ice cube tray to create a template on the cardboard.


Then, she made cuts into each square where the metal pins rested later on to keep them supported while the concrete wa setting

Next, she followed the instruction to mix the dry materials in order to make the concrete.


After that, Kathy added water and started mixing (Kathy said this is when you should be wearing that mask).


When the concrete was mixed, she used the stick to pour small amounts of the mixture into each square of the ice cube tray.


Then it was time to grab that cardboard template from earlier and stick the pins in.


Kathy then played the waiting game and didn’t come back to the project for over a day.

After the concrete had finished setting, it was time to pop out the little cubes.

“They are really easy to get out of the tray,” Kathy wrote on her blog post about the project. “Just wiggle them a little and they’ll shimmy out.”


After that, the stands were finished and it was time to figure out exactly what to use the cute, minimalist little holders for.


“Use them for displaying postcards, photos, or even table place cards,” Kathy wrote. “I think they turned out super cute, and there is one already adorning my desk at work!”

Find more details about Kathy’s project here.

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