She Put A Door Sideways On The Wall In Her Bedroom! Now She Has A Beautiful DIY Headboard!


She keeps one of her doors on the wall in her bedroom and the reason why i so smart!


There are so many different ways to decorate your room with DIY projects that fit a tight budget.

Some projects are way harder than others, but not the one thought up by Jess from East Coast Creative Blog.

Jess found a way to use a DOOR in her bedroom to create something magnificent.

Although it sounds strange at first, she actually keeps the door up on her wall turned sideways!

The reason? It actually makes the perfect headboard!

“It truly is a very easy project, and like I mentioned before, is super inexpensive,” Jess wrote on her blog post about the project.

The steps to make it are so simple. Really, all you need to have is a door that you’re not using, a wooden board, and some screws!

“We started with a plain, interior door we had removed from another area of house,” Jess wrote.

She decided before putting it up on the wall she would paint it a beautiful shade of dark grey to give it a fresh look.

After painting, Jess measured the size of the door in comparison to that of her bed and then trimmed off the top a little bit so that it was the perfect size for the space.

Once that was done, it was already time to hang the whole thing up! Since doors are naturally pretty heavy, Jess wanted to make some support to hold the weight of it.

To do so, she leveled and mounted a wooden board on the wall and screwed it into place.

Then, the door rested right on top of the board at a height that was tall enough to be seen still once the bed was in place.

Jess also made a note that you should make sure the handle for your door is closest to the wooden support beam so no one sees it later on.

Finally, the last step in making the new headboard was to drill the board at the top corners into the wall.

With that done, the project was complete and the only thing left to do was push the bed against the wall!


The end result is gorgeous and really transforms the space!

Find more details about the project here.

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