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She Put Empty Yogurt Cups In The Center Of Wet Cement. When It Dries? BREATHTAKING!


She grabbed stuff from her kitchen and then started mixing cement. What she made with them is so beautiful!


Cement is actually a wonderful supply that’s underutilized in the crafting world.

If you’ve never worked with it before, it might seem like an intimidating material that’s only used on large scales, but that’s not the case at all.

It’s actually just a simple mixture easily made by following package instructions, and that’s why Kate Riley from the blog, Centsational Girl, used it to make adorable DIY cement candle holders!

“I knew that cement wouldn’t stick to plastic, so why not use plastic forms from my kitchen as molds for a candle holder?” Kate wrote on her blog post about the project.

She shared with us exactly how she did it, and it worked out so well!

To make the creations, Kate first gathered everything you need to make cement, per the instructions on the package.


She also gathered cooking spray and what would later be her molds, which included plastic food storage containers and empty yogurt cups.


Kate started my mixing up her cement as directed and noted that when it’s ready it should be sort of like the consistency of cake mix.


When it was ready to go, it was time to grab the molds.

Before pouring the cement in, Kate sprayed the inside of each mold with cooking spray, which helps the concrete not stick when it’s dry.

After working quickly to pour the cement, Kate inserted her yogurt cups in the middle of the mixture.


“Use some pebbles or small rocks to weigh your yogurt cups down, because they tend to want to rise up out of the cement,” Kate wrote.

She decided to use more than one size of the food storage containers to end up with variations.


“Make sure your plastic mold is on a level surface,” Kate wrote. “Gently tap your candle mold about a dozen times to bring any bubbles to the surface.”

Once the cement was set (per the time noted on the mix package) Kate popped the molds out of the plastic and sanded away the rough edges.


Then, she let them sit once more for 24 hours.


Kate played around with adding different decorative accents to the cement holders like rocks or paint.


The end result is so cute, and now she has so many different versions of the holders to place around her yard.


Find more details about the project here.

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