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She Put Hanging Flower Baskets Over Her Daughter's BED To Make THIS! So Easy And CUTE!


Shed used wire baskets from the dollar store to make a gorgeous chandelier for her daughter’s bedroom!


Room makeovers can be expensive, but not if you know all the tricks -- like shopping at the dollar store for supplies!

Megan Pyrah from the blog, Brassy Apple, was redoing her daughter’s bedroom and wanted to add sparkle and bling without dropping a lot of money.

That’s when she saw wire flower baskets at the dollar store and knew exactly what to do!

“I needed to add a bit of glamour and sparkle to a corner of my daughter’s bedroom,” Megan wrote on her blog post about the project. She was looking for a chandelier to makeover, but couldn’t find one that works.

That’s when she decided to make her OWN!


To make her chandelier, Megan grabbed four wire hanging flower baskets, extra wire, spray paint, and embellishments (which for her was crystals, beads,etc).

She started the whole thing by placing two of the wire baskets side by side and used wire to attach them at the point where their sides touched.


Once those two were connected, she grabbed the third basket and strung its chains up through the center.


After that, Megan placed the third basket on top of the two she already connected.


This made four new points of intersection between the third basket and the two beneath it. So, she connected all those points, once again using more of the extra wire.


Then, Megan flipped the entire thing upside down.


While upside down, she attached the fourth wire basket to the group using the same method as before, making sure everything was tightly secured.



Next, Megan flipped it back over, and at this point it really started to take the shape of a chandelier.


The next thing she had to do was give it a nice coat of spray paint -- she decided on a glossy pink.


Megan sprayed the whole thing with paint and left it to dry.


In the meantime, she collected her jewels and beads to use for embellishment.


Megan covered the whole chandelier with crystals and beads, using hot glue when needed to securely attach different things.


When she’s finished, the chandelier is so cute, and no one could ever guess it was made with flower baskets!



Find more details about the project here!

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