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She Put Her Pants On Inside Out And Then Did THIS To Them! Problem Fixed!


This is the easiest way to fix this common issue: all you have to do is put your pants on inside out!


Finding jeans that fit perfectly is near impossible, and altering them yourself can be intimidating, especially if you’re not an experienced seamstress.

There is a super simple way to take in jeans, regardless of where they’re giving you trouble.

Whether they’re too big on your waist, too baggy on the butt, or too saggy on the thighs, there is a one-fix trick for all of these issues.

You might need a friend to help you with the pinning, but other than that, the whole method is so simple!

Megh got help altering her jeans from the expert, Heather, of the blog, Pleats and Ruffles.

Heather has a foolproof method to taking in any pair of pants.

She started by having Megh show off her new pants. Megh didn’t like how they fit her on her thighs and that the pair didn’t do much to flatter her shape.


So, Heather had Megh put the pants on inside out. That’s when the real work began.


Heather pinned the outer seam of both pant legs, starting at the hip. She took in enough fabric on both sides, following the natural curve of Megh’s legs.


As soon as the pins were in, there was an instant difference in look and fit of the pant leg that was pinned and the one that hadn’t been done yet. Megh’s loose pant thigh fit went away immediately with the help of the pins, and it also fixed the baggy butt issue a lot of us have encountered.


After Heather was finished pinning, she had Megh carefully take off the pinned pants, being careful not to poke herself.

Then, she simply stitched along the pinned line down the pant leg. You can use a sewing machine, or do it by hand if that’s what you prefer.

Once Megh tried the pants back on again, the difference the quick alteration made is really obvious!


The jeans have a more slender shape that hugs her curves in all the right places. More importantly, Megh’s no longer stuck pulling up her pants all day!

One extra little tip Heather shared was how she got rid of the dreaded gap between Megh’s lower back and the top of the waistband.

She turned the jeans inside out once more and added two butt darts that helped the jeans hug Megh’s waist a little more.


Find more details and pictures from Heather’s tutorial here.

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