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She Stacked IKEA Bookshelves In The Center Of The Room And Then Grabbed A DOOR! GENIUS!


She used shelves from IKEA to make the perfect table for her new crafting room!


All it took was one idea to send her running into her spare bedroom, tearing everything out, and filling the room with this!

Jen from the blog, de Jong Dream House, knew for months that doing all her crafting projects on the dining room table wasn’t going to cut it much longer.

She was tired of wasting the space of the tabletop for all her projects, and the clutter was building up on the walls in her bedroom where she stored everything.


Nowhere worked good enough for her to store all her sewing and crafting supplies, but then she came up with the best idea and decided to make her very own crafting room!

More than that, though, she decided she would build her own crafting TABLE!

“I knew I would be standing at the table, so I didn’t want to lose the storage space,” Jen wrote on her blog post about the project.

That’s when she found an idea online to use bookshelves from IKEA to build the perfect table!

She started the whole thing by assembling three IKEA Expedit shelving units,two 4x2s and one 2x2.

Then, she put the two longer shelves on their sides in the center of the spare room, back to back.


Jen didn’t mention if she connected the two in any way, but if you try this project and are worried about stability, you could always get creative and figure out the best method for connecting the table backs so that the base is more solid.

After that, Jen then took the third, shorter bookshelf and added it to one side, facing outward.


That’s all it took for the project to start looking like the perfect work space for a crafter.

Jen couldn’t wait a minute longer to fill all the cubbies of her shelves with the bins she didn’t have space to store for so long.

The next step was figuring out an affordable tabletop to rest on top of the shelves, and Jen surprised us once again with what she decided to use.

“It took me a few weeks to figure out a solution,” Jen wrote. “I was walking up and down the aisles of Home Depot looking for inspiration when I saw an unfinished, un-bored door.”

Jen decided to buy the door and use it as her table top because it was the perfect size! So, she went home and covered the door with five layers of a gray stain to protect the surface.


Then, all she had to do was set it on top of the shelves and her table was ready to go!


Jen did add one more finishing touch to give the table a little character: a purple duct tape trim!


The results are unbelievable!


Find more details about the project here.

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