She Takes Her Dog On A Walk. When They Get Back Home, Her Dog Collapses, And Never Wakes Up.


A woman took her dog to a walk. When they came back home, her dog started convulsing. So, she took her to the vet. That’s when she discovered what happened while they were talking a walk. Read on for more details!


Saffy, a two years old dog, died after she swallowed a corn on the cob while she was walking with her owner Joanne Palmer, the Metro reports.

Saffy died when the food tore through her internal organs. Palmer said, “Saffy must have eaten the corn on the cob while we were out on walkies. She was fine until one week later when she began violently vomiting at home.

“Both myself and husband, Johnny, 42, first thought she had been poisoned. The vets told us they could feel something hard in her stomach and prepared to operate. But unbeknownst to us, the core of a cob had travelled through her intestines like a cheese grater. And despite their best efforts, she started to bleed and died later that day.

“We were left heartbroken and it wasn’t until last week that we found out it was due to a lodged cob. We had to pay extra for a toxicology report but I’m so thankful we now know her cause of death so we can warn other owners.”

Palmer posited that her dog must have had eaten the cob where she took her for a walk around the neighborhood.

She said, “She must have found a really old piece of corn and managed to go grab it when I wasn’t looking. She was really unlucky and when I asked the vet how long they thought it had been there, they said it had been probably more than a week. We had no idea how seriously ill she was, it has been an awful time since losing her.”

Veterinarians who checked on Saffy initially thought that the dog had been poisoned. The toxicology report, however, proved otherwise. It revealed that the corn’s core cut through Saffy’s intestines and caused septicemia.

Palmer said, “She was basically still a puppy, she was really healthy before all of this. She was a tiny dog, and I have thought that her size definitely contributed to her death. As I’m not sure Labradors would have had the same effect.”

Saffy’s story, which was shared by Palmer, was posted on online and 20,000 people saw and shared it.

Palmer said, “Dog owners must be warned that if they are walking their dog on any field, even ones that aren’t corn fields, be aware. Crows can pick up and drop old cobs anywhere. If I have known I would have never taken Saffy into fields, or would have kept her on the lead.”

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