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She Was Tired Of Having A Messy Fridge, So She Took Everything Out And Did THIS To The Shelves! How Clever!


She was tired of having to clean up spills in her fridge, so she came up with a plan to make tiding up ten times easier!


It’s near impossible to keep a fridge tidy and organized.

Stuff is constantly being taken out, moved around, shove to the back, etc. Every now and then you’ll have a rogue piece of Tupperware that gets forgotten and the contents of which become unrecognizable.

Or, you’ll accumulate 30 salad dressing and have no clue which one was bought two years ago and which one was bought last week.

The worst part of it all is when food SPILLS inside the fridge. It is such a pain to have to prop the doors open, try to keep the food fresh and cold, and also do a good job cleaning up the sticky mess that’s been there for weeks.

There is a much easier way to keep your fridge from looking like a wreck and it will save you a ton of time.

Amy from the blog, Life From Home, shared the trick, and all it is is using some place mats to keep the shelves and drawers of the fridge from getting covered in gunk.


Aside from being super cute, the place mats are much easier to clean than the actual shelves are. It’s even better if they’re plastic and dishwasher friendly. All you’d have to do is slide them out, pop them in the dishwasher, and let them clean themselves.

This means the food doesn’t have to sit out on the counter for hours while you clean and the fridge door doesn’t have to stay open, letting out energy!

Amy’s fridge was a disaster before she made the change.

So, she had to take the food out and set it on the counter to give the fridge a really good wipe down (hopefully for the last time!).


Then, Amy cut the place mats to fit the shapes of all the shelves. If you wanted, you could even cut more mats to fit the bottoms of all the drawers!


After throwing away everything that was expired, Amy put everything back even added some labels and baskets to organize things even more.


The whole thing turned out so nicely, and she has way more room than she did to start!

Find more details and information from her fridge organization project here!

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