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She Wrapped Her Empty Jars With YARN And Then Put THIS Inside! The Result? Jaw-Dropping!


Instead of throwing out her glass jars, she wrapped them up and filled them with this! So cute!


Between pasta sauce, salsa, peanut butter, jam… the list really goes on and on… it’s easy to accumulate a lot of glass jars over time.

Normally they just go into the recycling bin and you call it good, but there are so many better ways to get use out of those empty containers that you’ve probably never considered.

Sophie from the blog, The Forge, shared how she made use of her empty food containers, and what she makes is so cute and simple. You’ll want to do it right away!

What can a person do with a bunch of old jars, you ask? Well, Sophie found the best idea: using the jars to create adorable tea light lanterns that take any room from cold and boring to warm and cozy!


She started by gathering all the different jars she had and took of all the labels, making sure they were very clean.


Then, she got started on the two-step project, which is strikingly easy and quick. All you need for the next two steps? Yarn and spray paint! That’s it!

So, after getting all the jars ready, Sophie wrapped each one very tightly with the yarn around the center of the jar. This should be a messy wrap shop -- that way it produces a cooler effect when you’re done painting.


Other people who have tried this project say wrapping rubber bands around the jars works just as well, so use whatever one you have on hand.

After the jars were wrapped, Sophie pulled out the spray paint and got busy coating all of the glass containers.


She said that she used two or three coats and waited for them to dry for at least ten minutes between each one.

Once the containers were completely dry, the last step was to cut off the string and enjoy the fun patterns created on the jars!


The real magic happens when tea lights are dropped into the base of the jars. When the little candles get lit up, the light shines through the zig-zag lines created by the string, creating a really unique lantern!


“I love the different effects the skinny string and the textured yarn create,” Sophie wrote on her blog post about the project. “The jars that were wrapped with the thicker yarn look like they have puffy clouds floating in the sky.”

Find more details about the project here.

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