She's Walking Around The Mall When A Girl Approaches Her. She Realizes Something Odd And Disturbing. So, She Shares In On Twitter.


Girl discovered something truly magical while on a trip to a San Diego mall last September. It wasn’t until recently that the magic just kept on growing bigger and bigger. Read on for more details!


17-year-old college student Santana Gutierrez discovered something really groundbreaking while she was walking around in the mall last September.

According to BuzzFeed News, Santana, who goes to University of California, San Diego, met a girl who looked exactly like her. She shared to BuzzFeed that “’so many things had to happen’ that day for them to meet each other,” whatever that really means.


Santana, who’s originally from Las Vegas, NV, saw her doppelganger in the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, which is actually pretty far from where she stays in San Diego for school.

According to the story she told BuzzFeed, a girl named Isobel approached Santana and her friend. Isobel was wearing an orange shirt and was working that day for the Save the Children fund.

Gutierrez said, “I kind of felt bad ‘cause I wasn’t listening to what she was saying—all I was thinking was, ‘This girl looks exactly like me.’”

When she found out that Isobel was thinking about it too, they decided to keep in touch with each other and take a photo together.

Santana then posted a tweet saying, “I found my literal doppelganger just now,” and posted the photo, which eventually received more than 20,000 retweets.

Santana, who goes by the handle, @santanaa_g, on Twitter, recently got an update regarding her doppelganger incident. Last week, another Twitter user posted a photo of a different girl who could definitely join Santana and Isobel’s club.

Santana told BuzzFeed, “I showed [the photos] to my dad because everyone said, ‘Your parents have some explaining to do.’”


Two more photos of girls who bears a striking resemblance with Santana had emerged, which prompted the Twitter account of Orphan Black, a television show that features doppelgangers, to join in on the fun.

Auli’i Cravalho, the voice of Moana, was also thrown in for the loop.

Santana said she’s still talking to Isobel since the life-changing incident. She said, “It would be so funny for all of us to meet one day to see each other in person.”

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