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The Cabinet Above Her Fridge Was Messy, So She Took EVERYTHING Out And Turned It Into THIS!


The cabinet over her fridge was useless until she added this to it!


There has to be at least one cabinet in everyone’s kitchen that is sort of awkwardly placed or shaped.

Most of us don’t get as much use out of these cabinets as we hope to. Sometimes they’re placed over the stove or in a tight corner.

In Cristina’s case, it was the one above her fridge.

The blogger from Remodelando La Casa, decided she could get more use out of it though, and figured out how to add something to the cabinet that changed everything.


“It was time to begin working on the biggest trouble, and that was the cabinet about the fridge,” Cristina wrote on her blog post about the project. “Look at all that wasted space. The cutting boards, trays, and big plates had to stay here, but the cleaning wipes and paper towels had to go.”


After figuring that out, Cristina decided the cabinet would be the perfect spot to hold not just the cookie sheets but all of her baking supplies!

So, the first thing she did was measure the width and height of her cookies sheets to determine how wide and tall to make her new baking organizer.


When she had the measurements collected, Cristina got started on making the piece that would later be inserted into the cabinet.

The organizer consisted of two pieces of wood parallel to each other, both with cuts in the wood in which dividers could rest.


Cristina also made five dividers to slide into the little slits in the wood. One one side of the dividers, she cut out a sort of half circle shape so that people could easily find and grab what each divider was holding.


When all of the construction was completed, the last step was to place it in the cabinet.


With it installed, now Cristina has the perfect slots to hold all of those annoying trays and baking sheets that seem to always slide around all over the place.

She even has a shelf placed about the slots, which utilises the vertical space of the cabinet. Plus, the whole organizer leaves nearly half of the cupboard free for the rest of her baking supplies!


Now she can fit all of her supplies and it is so much more organized than it was before!

Find more details about the project here.

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