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The Chain Link Fence Was HIDEOUS! So, He Did THIS To It! The Result? So Much Better!


The fence in her front yard was hideous! Instead of tearing the whole thing down, she did THIS!


Nothing kills the look of yard quite like a chain link fence does.

However, putting up a new fence is so expensive, and it’s not exactly a fun decision to make.

That’s why Bridgit from Pinterest Inspiration decided not to take down the wire fence and instead transform it!

“Chain link fencing, it does the job, yet not very appealing to look at,” Bridgit wrote on her blog post about the project. “After moving into a new house with chain link all around, I knew we couldn’t afford to replace a perfectly good fence just because I didn’t like the way it looked.

That’s when she came up with the idea to just simply cover up the existing fence with wood!

She started by collected wooden planks, brackets, and other smaller supplies.

The first thing she did to make the base for the new base was attach two planks horizontally across the fence using brackets.


“You can use a level to make sure the boards are straight, but we eyeballed it and it turned out fine,” Bridgit wrote.

She added that if you try this project, you’ll also want to make sure the bottom board is at least an inch above the ground so that it doesn’t rot.

After that, it was time to start adding the vertical planks, which cover up the entire fence. Bridgit said her husband installed the planks with at least a quarter inch of space in between to allow room for the wood to expand and contract depending on the weather.


“Every couple of planks place a level on top of the boards to make sure you are attaching them at the same height,” Bridgit wrote.

With all the wooden planks in place, the new fence was complete!

The result is so gorgeous, and it’s a much cheaper and easier options than tearing down the old fence to build a completely new one.


Plus, it looks so much better than before!

Find all the details about the project here.

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