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They Cut Up Sponges And PVC Pipe To Make THIS For Their Kids! The Result? PERFECT For Hot Days!


This tricycle car wash is what your kid has been dreaming of, and it’s so easy to make!


Grab your sunscreen and bathing suits because the countdown to summer vacation is getting shorter and shorter.

This means your little ones are going to want to be outside playing every chance that they can.

But, that also means you have to worry about high temperatures and making sure your kids stay cool and protected!

Gabrielle Blair from the blog, Design Mom, knew this was something she would need to tackle when the hotter temperatures hit, so with her husband, the two came up with the perfect solution: a DIY tricycle car wash!

“Water play is one of the best ways to beat the summer’s heat,” Gabrielle wrote on her blog post about why she made a play car wash that any kid would go nuts for.

Gabrielle decided to use PVC pipe as the frame for the wash, so to get started, she gathered all the different types she would need.


“I had never used PVC pipe to build anything before, so I was a little nervous, but once you come to grips with the PVC aisle, it is very easy to work with” Gabrielle wrote.

Other than the pipes, the other supplies she needed were sponges, pool noodles, and shower curtains.


The first step was to cut all the pipes to the right lengths and then drill holes all along the tops for water to spray out of.


“Remember, the more holes there are, the less water pressure for parts like the misters,” Gabrielle wrote. “However, more holes means more water, which is super fun!”

After the holes were cut, they started to connect all the pipes and test it out with the water!


Next came the funnest part!

To give it a real “car wash” look, Gabrielle added a bunch of colors and textures.First, she cut up colorful shower curtains into strips.


Then, she moved onto the sponges and cut them into fun shapes and bunches pieces together.


When everything was cut, she used the shower curtain strips to tie up all the sponges.


She also used the curtain strips along one side of the wash the make an “entrance.”

Finally, to add a little more flare and protection for the little ones, she also covered up the PVC pipes with cut up pool noodles.


The result is adorable! And her kids are so in love with their new summer play set!


“I cannot say enough how much fun our tricycle car wash is,” Gabrielle wrote. “Each time we turn it on, it seems to attract little neighbor friends. It’s kind of an instant water party!”

Find all the details for Gabrielle’s car wash plan here!

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