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They Had No Room For Their Child, So They Built THIS Space! How Creative!


You might have more room in your house than you thought you did, and that’s exactly what they figured out!


A husband and wife were desperately trying to figure out how to fit the needs of their growing child in their two-bedroom townhouse, so they looked towards the stairs.

That’s when they realized that the area in the house with the most open space existed in the air: the foyer of the two-story staircase.

The ceiling space in the foyer of a two-story home is always sort of awkward to decorate. You can have a chandelier installed that will not do much other than gather dust, but if you don’t want that, there’s really not that many other good options.

So, the couple, with the help from a supportive father-in-law, decided to instead get some good use out of the area and build an adorable loft that would suite the needs of a kid who requires room to roam and adults who need a small corner to do work.

The end result is a creative little sanctuary to play, build, and hopefully get some work done.

Now, they aren’t wasting an inch of space in their home, and the final design is much more remarkable than the dull entryway they had beforehand.

The before and after photo is pretty amazing.


Before they began, it’s hard to imagine anything fitting in that small space. You can see in this photo where they’re planning to start the foundation, but doesn’t think like it would be easy.


Then, the men get to work, and it seems like only seconds go by as they build a base that will hold the weight of the future loft-dwellers.


The floor looks great at this point, and the vision is definitely coming to life. But, it’s also a little scary to think about little ones walking onto that without any railing, right?!


Of course, they added one, and by the time they’re finished, there’s plenty of space for everything they hoped. A corner is dedicated to the adults, with a computer, printer, and office chair filling the space. Then, there’s also enough space leftover for toys, storage, and cozy rugs!


With everything finished, it looks like that’s how the house was designed! Here's the whole project.


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