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They Never Used Their Old Trampoline, So They Turned It Into THIS!! The Result Is Seriously Awesome!


Their trampoline hadn’t been used in years. Instead of throwing it out, they decided to turn it into something wonderful!


Trampolines are in many childhood memories. It begins with an energetic kid jumping on the trampoline every second they get. Then maybe they play on it just after school, then a couple times a week, or once friends come over, and then the jump sessions become less and less until there’s a giant, rusty trampoline sitting in the backyard collecting dust.

It can be quite an investment as far as money and backyard space goes to have a trampoline; so to get rid of one after having had it for a long time can be hard.

That’s what these eight people thought, too. So, instead of throwing the trampoline into the trash, they turned them into magical recycled creations that anyone would want in their backyard.

1. A garden


This flipped over trampoline became the perfect surface for laying fresh soil and planting a gorgeous garden. The circular shape adds a nice touch to it, and the trampoline legs around the garden act as a barrier to remind people, and pets, not to step there.

2. An awning


Extending the legs of this trampoline made it the perfect height to use as an awning for the patio. Trampolines are usually made from waterproof canvas, so the dark material helps block out sun and rain all at once!

3. A hanging canopy bed


This might be the most gorgeous thing to do with an old trampoline. Sleeping on a trampoline under the stars is a common bucket list goal for kids -- this version just takes that goal to a whole new level.

4. A wreath


Yes, this is a pretty big holiday decoration, But, it would probably be relatively simple to make and would look stunning in a yard with enough space.

5. A tent


These tents are actually sold by a few different companies, and they perpetuate the trampoline slumber party dream even further. Aside from it being more comfortable to sleep on the trampoline than the ground, it’s a good way to get more years of use out of the trampoline investment.

6. A garden arch


The frame of a trampoline works great on its side to create beautiful arches. It would be easy for a vine to grow around the circular metal bar and transform any garden into something from a story book.

7. A chicken coop


Not everyone needs a chicken coop, but if they did, this would be a great way to get one! It can be used for more than just chickens. It’s a great size to create a cage with more room for dogs, depending on their size, or even a group of puppies just getting their feet under them.

8. A ball catcher


This is for the jump enthusiast turned soccer star. The bouncy canvas is the perfect material for a ball catcher!

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